Social media bots


What are Bots?

  • Collect Contact Info
    Ask visitors for their email or phone number to be notified of your reply if they leave
  • Smart Suggestions
    Intelligently suggest help articles to users based on the questions they ask
  • Integrations
    Get notified when a GitHub issue related to a conversation is resolved
  • Conversation Ratings
    Prompt leads and users to rate their experience when you close a conversation
  • Team Availability
    Calculate and show customers when your team is likely to reply
  • Article Feedback
    Collect feedback when a user reacts negatively so you can improve


Basically a bot is a simple piece of software we use to keep your customers updated with new and latest offers, when you type in lets say takeaway in Leeds in google search or even in facebook search we then send a bot to answer their question. For example “i’m looking for a takeaway in Leeds” our bot will pick this up and as “What type of food are you interested in?” Customer response “Indian”¬† bot response “Ok i have found you 5 takeaways with in your area, would you like me to get you their details?” now at this point who ever is on our listings will come up as nearest to you! Which means your business will be the first to be chosen, clever isn’t it.